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My experience with Alex has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve been acting professionally for over twenty-five years. I’ve been a series regular on several TV shows, worked on a lot of films, worked in the theater – I’ve had a really fulfilling career and always made a good living. Then, a few years ago, I had a terrible experience on a TV shoot that really shook my confidence. I brought that anxiety into the next acting job I did, then the next – and I soon developed full-blown stage fright. It got so bad that I honestly questioned whether I’d be able to continue acting. I’ve been making a living as an actor since I graduated from drama school and the thought of not being able to do what I was trained to do, what I’ve dedicated my life to, was terrifying. I read books and articles on stage fright and performance anxiety among actors, musicians, elite athletes…I tried a number of techniques to address the problem but nothing really helped. I thought my career was over.
Then I found out about Alex.
After our first session it felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I was not only hopeful that I’d be able to move past stage fright – I was confident that I would actually thrive again.
At this point I’ve had several weekly sessions with Alex and the impact on my performance has been incredible: my auditions just keep getting better and better and I’m amazed by how focused and at ease I feel. My confidence has returned and I feel that I’m performing at a level I haven’t experienced I’m a long time. A few months ago I was absolutely terrified when I booked a job – but now I cannot wait to get back on a set. It means the world to me to feel I have my skills back.
Alex is truly gifted at what he does.
He’s professional and compassionate and I would trust him with any problem.
I’d highly recommend that anyone looking to improve their life seek his help.

Chris D. from Yelp.com 8/2/15

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