Hypnosis for Surgery

People are constantly aware of their mortality; therefore, it is only natural that they would be confronted with anxiety, apprehension, fear or terror whenever they feel their life is in danger or being threatened.

For most individuals, a minor or major operation is in the realm of the unknown and, therefore, usually fraught with fear.

Studies have shown that patients’ mental state can affect the outcome of a surgery. Positive thinking, calmness and relaxation pave the way for better results of any kind of surgical intervention. Positivity also can help shorten recovery periods.

In reality, unfortunately, an impending operation produces physical and mental states of apprehension, anxiety, fear and tension in most individuals. This can have adverse effects on a procedure and recovery.

Let’s review what happens to a patient who enters the hospital for an operation: After all necessary arrangements have been made at home and many tearful wishes of “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine,” the patient arrives at the hospital admitting office. At this point, he is obliged “to sign his life away” by placing his signature on the operative permit. Next, he is led to his room where he must undress. His clothes are taken away and he must put on an uncomfortable gown. Multiple blood tests and examinations by various staff members soon follow. At this point, the patient may have been witness to others’ discomfort, pain or restlessness.

Is it any wonder that the patient’s mind is bombarding him with warning signals of imminent danger?!

The nervous system is in a state of full alert as blood pressure rapidly rises and muscles tense and cause overall stiffness.

If this is what happens to an adult, what about a child?

This emotional and physical state of the patient might only contribute to unnecessary complications before, during and after surgery.

Everything should be done to give emotional support to the patient, both preoperatively and postoperatively.

Hypnosis therapy helps to emotionally prepare the patient for surgery. This, in turn, helps the patient approach an operation without anxiety and fear. It also helps promote a more rapid recovery and reduce pain and discomfort.

All this can be accomplished with a few sessions of hypnosis therapy. Hypnosis helps to instill suggestions of positive thinking and deep relaxation into a person’s subconscious mind. As a consequence, this will help the patient before and after an operation. Additionally, hypnosis mobilizes the power of his mind for faster and easier recovery.

How many sessions need to be done to prepare a person for a surgery?

Typically, Alexander provides clients with four or five sessions before a surgery (however, the more, the better), including one in the pre-operation room. There can be an additional session after the surgery to support and to strengthen previously given suggestions for reduction of pain and discomfort as well as faster and easier recovery.

If you have questions regarding hypnosis for surgery preparation, call Alexander’s office on Santa Monica Boulevard at (310) 804-8123.

Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the state of California as healing arts practitioners. For your protection, work on some issues may require a consultation and referral from a licensed physician or mental health professional
I’m honored to recommend Alex Hertzberg, for his superb skills in hypnosis and for helping me to recover much faster and with less pain and discomfort from my recent surgery to repair a broken wrist. Alex’s talent in hypnosis allowed me to be relaxed and be calm during pre-surgery and throughout the medical procedure. His well-crafted post-hypnotic suggestions for a stronger, quicker, and easier recovery were key to a faster “bounce back” post-surgery as well. His suggestions for a smooth and wonderful rehabilitation of the movement in my wrist also allowed for a speedier and better rehabilitation. The hypnosis allowed for better pain management, less need for any pain medication, and a quicker, smoother, easier recovery. Alex is smart and attuned to the needs of the individual he is working with for hypnosis and his many helpful hypnotic suggestions during just a few sessions were most beneficial to having more relaxation and a better healing process! With Alex’s approach, I was tremendously helped to deal successfully and very positively with a medical procedure.
~ Amy B