Letters from Clients
Johana Krejci After one session with Alexander I am still feeling the effect. I left the session very happy, my legs felt much lighter. I have been motivated since, I see what I need to transform. Now I need a scholarship for more:)

Johana Krejci

I’m honored to recommend Alex Hertzberg, for his superb skills in hypnosis and for helping me to recover much faster and with less pain and discomfort from my recent surgery to repair a broken wrist. Alex’s talent in hypnosis allowed me to be relaxed and be calm during pre-surgery and throughout the medical procedure. His well-crafted post-hypnotic suggestions for a stronger, quicker, and easier recovery were key to a faster “bounce back” post-surgery as well. His suggestions for a smooth and wonderful rehabilitation of the movement in my wrist also allowed for a speedier and better rehabilitation. The hypnosis allowed for better pain management, less need for any pain medication, and a quicker, smoother, easier recovery. Alex is smart and attuned to the needs of the individual he is working with for hypnosis and his many helpful hypnotic suggestions during just a few sessions were most beneficial to having more relaxation and a better healing process! With Alex’s approach, I was tremendously helped to deal successfully and very positively with a medical procedure.

Amy B.

g 2 used Alexander is a remarkable hypnotist and healer. I had the great fortune of being his client, and emphatically recommend him without reservation. He is creative, compassionate, non-judgmental, forward thinking person. I loved working with Alexander and always left our sessions feeling great. I learned volumes about self-acceptance, life skills and relationships. Those who choose to work with him in the future will likely be very grateful that they did.

Laura F.

Johana Krejci I didn’t know that hypnosis could be so helpful with relieving my pain. After two major back surgeries I thought I would alway be in pain. My physical therapist referred me to Alexander and I was surprised to find out how much it helped with relieving my pain! It definitely helped me to maintain a better quality of life after my injury.

Fred N.

I have been in excruciating pain for months and on pain killers. I know this was only masking the pain. After a few sessions with you I really feel the pain dissipate and now I started working again.
Thank you so much, Alexander.

Lori D.

Johana Krejci My sessions of past life regression with Alexander have given me some of the most valuable experiences of my life. As I reconnected with my true self and the soul energies of the significant people in my life, I experienced the most expansive feelings of love and understanding that opened me to a new perception of myself and my life. I have known the concept of ‘higher’ or ‘authentic’ self for years but have never experienced this for myself. I can’t now fit myself back into the same ‘box’ I was in before, and because I now know what my source energy feels like, I return there often for guidance and renewal.

Jeanne G.

Dear Alexander, I am so glad that I came and experienced the hypnosis. It has given me a lot of motivation. Thank you for the time that you spent with me and all of the suggestions you gave me! Thanks again.

Kate Sapiro

Steve Ross I was a 35-year smoker and had tried to quit in the past unsuccessfully. Hypnosis made it remarkably easy to be smoke free without deprivation, discomfort, withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. It was amazing to quit in one session. I highly recommend Mr. Hertzberg to others.

Steve Ross

Alexander made me feel at ease and I knew that I could trust him with issues I needed to address. He is sympathetic yet possesses a quality that gets right to the heart of the issue while exploring other areas I did not know existed! He helped me tremendously and I use many tools I learned from Alexander daily.

W. C.

I was amazed; I don’t know how long I will remain smoke-free, but I sure enjoy the money I am saving.

Oleg Conn

w 35 I began smoking at age 17 and smoked a pack a day. In a time span of 21 years, I attempted to quit on many occasions. But each time I quit, I would become very anxious and stressed that I resumed smoking again. In October 2004 I sought help through hypnosis and this time I was successful. I am amazed at how easy it was. I had no cravings or withdrawal symptoms and was free of irritability and nervousness. I actually felt calm and peaceful for days after the session. My husband even commented on my calm disposition. I would highly recommend hypnosis. It worked for me and I am so thankful I am free of that old habit.


Dear Alexander, my cravings and urges are gone, and I don’t even think about smoking now. It goes without saying that I’m saving money! My wife and family are very pleased and I just keep feeling better and better
I decided to try hypnosis to quit smoking because it worked for others. I had tried gums, patches, and willpower; however was unsuccessful each time. Hypnosis was the extra motivation I needed to quit with no withdrawals, urges, or cravings. If I had known it was this easy, I would have stopped smoking with hypnosis years ago. It was truly amazing.

Robert N

m 55 ex smoker wp-image-161 size-full I smoked 3 packs a day for over 28 years. I quit with Mr. Hertzberg’s program.

Todd Sorieno

Camilla Stone I had just finished law school and was ready to take the Bar Exam. I studied and studied, but still didn’t feel confident enough to take the test. I called Mr. Hertzberg and asked him if he could work with me so that I could take the test. He told me that he had worked with others who also were going to take the bar exam, and that they both passed the test the first time after few hypnosis sessions with him. After 3 sessions with Mr. Hertzberg I passed the bar exam on the first try. I would recommend him highly for helping others with test taking fears.

Camilla Stone

For 18 years I allowed the habit of smoking to control my lifestyle, from now on, I’m in charge. I highly recommend Alexander’s workshop. Quitting smoking with hypnosis was the best and healthiest decision I’ve made.


Hypnosis really works. I’ve experienced the changes, I have less stress. I feel better physically. I don’t feel I’ll have any problem staying away from smoking in the future. I work with a guy who smokes all day and I don’t pay any attention. I’m completely smoke-free! Thank you so much, Alexander.

T. L.

I kicked a 30-year smoking habit. Hypnosis gave me the inner strength to quit and stay smoke free. As a result of hypnosis, I am now in control rather than cigarettes controlling me. As an added bonus, I did not find myself craving particular foods that can create weight gain nor did I experience the usual withdrawal symptoms as when I tried to quit on my own. I feel proud of myself for having the courage to say NO to cigarettes. I would highly recommend hypnosis to others. It is a very positive and powerful experience and I am extremely satisfied with my results.

N. L.

I smoked a pack-a-day for 50 years until I used Alex’s method to stop. The best part is, I don’t even want a cigarette.

M. M.

Linda Artie Thanks, Alex, you’re the best and most talented and awesome hypnotist, I’m so thankful for everything you did for me!

Linda Artie

m 34 I started smoking in my teens and before I knew it smoking was a habit of my adult life. Knowing the physical damage caused by smoking and irreversible premature aging, I still had difficulty quitting. Ironically one of my main concerns was gaining weight. I’d work out at the gym but smoked after a healthy meal. The social isolation of a smoker and guilt of not allowing myself to be completely in control of my health had little impact of letting go of the familiar pattern of smoking. I had a strong desire to smoke and no gum, patch or pill was going to stop that. I sought hypnosis. I realized that the habit was one I created in my mind; therefore, I needed to change that perspective. Alexander assured me that I would no longer have cravings and would be able to manage my weight. And he was right. In fact, I have lost weight and I’m more fit and toned than ever.

Danny L

Alex is the best! I attended the workshop 4 years ago to stop smoking and have not desired or smoked since. I smoked one and a half packs a day for 42 years.

Leo K.

When I left there, I was as skeptical it wouldn’t work as I was when I went in. But I did not want a cigarette then, nor have I had any desire to have one since.

Since attending your workshop I have not smoked at all. I don’t even have the urge to smoke. I sleep better, feel more rested, and have lots of energy. Wishing you continued success with the people who are fortunate enough to attend your seminar like I was.

B. G.

I stopped smoking in only one session with Alex! My health has improved tremendously, both physically and mentally. I breathe a lot easier and have much more energy. The most important thing I got out of this is how much better I feel about myself. I feel I’ve accomplished something phenomenal, and it’s given me the confidence to go on and do more.

After a session with hypnotherapist Alexander Hertzberg, my friend Barbara – once a two-pack-a-day-person has not smoked in four months.

D. S.

w 40 used amy Hi. My name is Amy B. and I’m a nonsmoker thanks to Hypnosis! I feel so much better. I immediately had more energy. My blood pressure improved, my smoker’s cough is going away and I no longer smell of cigarettes. I have more confidence. I also have more control over my life, because I no longer have to interrupt my life to go smoke.

I started smoking when I was 17. I smoked one pack of cigarettes every day for 23 years. I tried to stop smoking several times. I took medication and tried a few other methods, but they never worked. I felt out of control. Then I heard about Alexander from my husband’s boss. After the workshop I never smoked again. I didn’t want to smoke. Hypnosis helped me completely eliminate the urges and cravings for cigarettes. I can proudly say I am a nonsmoker for life! I’d recommend “Stop Smoking with Hypnosis” to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Amy B

I smoked for the fifteen years and felt guilty every time I lit up. Finally, when cigarettes reached $50.00 per carton, I decided that it was time to reach out and ask for help. I wanted to stop smoking once and for all. It was not just the expense although being in retail sales leaves one feeling poor most of the time. I was tired of being the only person amongst my peers that had to go outside to satisfy my cravings! I was tired of smelling like cigarettes, of my clothes smelling like cigarettes, of having to stop what I was doing 20 plus times per day to smoke, of risking my health, and so many other negative things related to cigarettes. I have heard about Hypnosis from my friend and decided to try and it worked. Since attending Alexander’s workshop I’m smoke free.

G. G.

Alexander had a very positive impact on my business. He illuminated a path I did not even know existed. I have witnessed his transformational powers first-hand. Alexander is a truly gifted hypnotherapist and amazing individual. He changed my life.


Dear Alex, thank you for all your healing kindness for my wife this week…
It worked… and I appreciate it…


I needed serious dental treatment but was terrified of going to the dentist. I went to see Alex and made discovery that it was actually my fear of injections and needles that stopped me going. Alex hypnotized me and made me feel that I didn’t have a care in the world – I was so relaxed. I let go of the fear and when I was at the dentist’s I just let him get on with it whilst I kind of drifted away. Thank you Alex for your help and the care that went into it.

Eddie Waldow

Alex, I just realized I have dropped another 6lb. 40lb all together, which is about 5lb more than expected! OMG it feels sooo good! Thank you so much!!!


Hypnotherapists are not licensed by the state of California as healing arts practitioners. For your protection, work on some issues may require a consultation and referral from a licensed physician or mental health professional