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Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective treatment technique that can help you change and become more open to specific suggestions and therapeutic goals. Learn more about hypnosis facts and myths.

Alexander Hertzberg has provided hypnosis therapy in Los Angeles for 15 years. Hundreds of clients from around Southern California have benefited from his hypnotherapy sessions. Read Alexander’s story.

After one session with Alexander I am still feeling the effect. I left the session very happy, my legs felt much lighter. I have been motivated since, I see what I need to transform. Now I need a scholarship for more

~ Johana Krejci

I’m honored to recommend Alex Hertzberg, for his superb skills in hypnosis and for helping me to recover much faster and with less pain and discomfort from my recent surgery to repair a broken wrist. Alex’s talent in hypnosis allowed me to be relaxed and be calm during pre-surgery and throughout the medical procedure. His well-crafted post-hypnotic suggestions for a stronger, quicker, and easier recovery were key to a faster “bounce back” post-surgery as well. His suggestions for a smooth and wonderful rehabilitation of the movement in my wrist also allowed for a speedier and better rehabilitation. The hypnosis allowed for better pain management, less need for any pain medication, and a quicker, smoother, easier recovery. Alex is smart and attuned to the needs of the individual he is working with for hypnosis and his many helpful hypnotic suggestions during just a few sessions were most beneficial to having more relaxation and a better healing process! With Alex’s approach, I was tremendously helped to deal successfully and very positively with a medical procedure.

~ Amy B

Alexander is a remarkable hypnotist and healer. I had the great fortune of being his client, and emphatically recommend him without reservation. He is creative, compassionate, non-judgmental, forward thinking person. I loved working with Alexander and always left our sessions feeling great. I learned volumes about self-acceptance, life skills and relationships. Those who choose to work with him in the future will likely be very grateful that they did.

~ Laura F

I didn’t know that hypnosis could be so helpful with relieving my pain. After two major back surgeries I thought I would always be in pain. My physical therapist referred me to Alexander and I was surprised to find out how much it helped with relieving my pain! It definitely helped me to maintain a better quality of life after my injury.

~ Fred N.

My sessions of past life regression with Alexander have given me some of the most valuable experiences of my life. As I reconnected with my true self and the soul energies of the significant people in my life, I experienced the most expansive feelings of love and understanding that opened me to a new perception of myself and my life. I have known the concept of ‘higher’ or ‘authentic’ self for years but have never experienced this for myself. I can’t now fit myself back into the same ‘box’ I was in before, and because I now know what my source energy feels like, I return there often for guidance and renewal.

~ Jeanne G.

Dear Alexander, I am so glad that I came and experienced the hypnosis. It has given me a lot of motivation. Thank you for the time that you spent with me and all of the suggestions you gave me! Thanks again.

~ Kate Sapiro

I was a 35-year smoker and had tried to quit in the past unsuccessfully. Hypnosis made it remarkably easy to be smoke free without deprivation, discomfort, withdrawal symptoms or weight gain. It was amazing to quit in one session. I highly recommend Mr. Hertzberg to others.

~ Steve Ross

I had just finished law school and was ready to take the Bar Exam. I studied and studied, but still didn’t feel confident enough to take the test. I called Mr. Hertzberg and asked him if he could work with me so that I could take the test. He told me that he had worked with others who also were going to take the bar exam, and that they both passed the test the first time after few hypnosis sessions with him. After 3 sessions with Mr. Hertzberg I passed the bar exam on the first try. I would recommend him highly for helping others with test taking fears.

~ Camilla Stone

Thanks, Alex, you’re the best and most talented and awesome hypnotist, I’m so thankful for everything you did for me!

~ Linda Artie

Alex is the best! I attended the workshop 4 years ago to stop smoking and have not desired or smoked since. I smoked one and a half packs a day for 42 years.

~ Leo K.

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